The Angry Beavers Episode Guide!

Series 2!


Beaver Fever
When the beavers song 'Beaver Fever' becomes a big success they
become famous... but for how long?
Same Time Last Week
With the help of his new "365 Ways and Days to Completely, Totally
and Fully Annoy Your Brother" calender Dag bugs Norb for a week
untill Norb finally cracks and 'bops Dag into last week!'
Kandid Kreatures
Bill Licking has decided to do a nature documentry on beavers and
Norb and Dag are his victims... I mean stars!
Fakin' It
Norb pretends to be sick to get out of having to re-twig the dam.
Dag does everything for Norb untill he falls ill (or is he faking too???)
Muscular Beaver 2
When a splinter remover turns the splinter into a giant monster and the
only one who can save the world is Muscular beaver and his trusty
sidekick 'Baron once bad, now good beaver!
Stump Looks For His Roots!/Stump Seeks His Roots
Norb becomes jealous of Stump because he's hanging around Dag
more and tells him he's a transplant. Stump is heart broken so goes to
find his real parents!
Tree Of Hearts
Treeflower (the hippie from 'Bummer of love') returns but now she
writes elevater music and has a shrew for a boyfriend
Dag For The Night
Norb and Dag discover a treasure chest containing "The not so
friendly creature from the off white puddle that will eat you", the
unfinished lost film of Oxnard Montalvo and decide to finish it!
When Barry the bear comes out of retirement to record his next song
Norb tries to help Barry "find his groove" but will Dag's spootishness
ruin everything?
Another One Bites The Musk
Daggett discovers that all beavers are able to 'musk' there property
to protect it. Norb quickly finds out whats going on and begins musking
stuff too. When 'the musk hits the fan' chaos befalls the battling brothers
The Mighty Knothead
While trying to take a knothole from a tree Daggett discovers some
girl racoons whe believe he is 'The Mighty Knothead'
Pond Scum
When Norb has his brain controlled by L.G. Algy, the evilest pond
scum I can think of, he becomes pure EVIL!
Utter Nonsense
When Norb and Dag say something at the same time they jynx each-
other. Who will talk first???
Endangered Species
Daggett gets a bump on the head and gets mistaken for the last of the
great horned beavers. At first Dag has fun but it quickly gets boring
having nobody to play with.
Lumbjerjack's Delight
When the beaver brothers find out lumberjacks are chopping there
trees they decide to fight back with the help of a mystical, magical
yellow 7 ball!
Zooing Time
Norbert is blamed for a crime Dag commits and is sent to the zoo.
Dag tries to rescue Norb only to find out the zoo is a beavers paradise!
Friends, Romans, Beavers
On the way to a hockey game Norb and Dag travel through the space
time continuum into ancient roman times.
The Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy
Norb and Dag discover a rather valuable sticky fish egg but they both
want the money to themselves
If You In-sisters
The beaver brothers get to look after there sisters, Stacey and Chelsea,
for the weekend but to do that they have to stop fighting with each other.
Alley Oops
When Daggett accidentaly knocks down every pin in the bowling alley
he is given "Excaliball" and can't miss. But he gets challenged to a
brothers vs. brothers and needs Norbs help. Now they have only one
problem ... NORB CAN'T BOWL! What's a beaver to do?
Open Wide For Zombies
Because of a flood Norb and Dag (and Dags teddybear!) get washed
down stream to the house of a witchdocter and her zombies!
Dumb Waiters
The beavers get a job at the snootiest restraunt in town so they can
save up $999.99 to buy a collection of "Oxnard Montalvo rubber
monster movie masks"
When a magic trick goes wrong the beavers end up miles away from
thier dam with no hair!
Gonna Getcha
Dag does the worst thing a brother could ever do to his brother and
Norb swears revenge!
The Day The World Got Really Screwed Up!
In this episode the beavers are innocently out trick or treating (the night
before halloween when they come across the house of their favourite
scary monster movie maker Oxnard Montalvo