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The Angry Beavers Episode Guide!

Series 3!


My Bunnyguard
When the beavers receive threatening messages, they employe Big Bunny to act as their personal bodyguard. The question is who would want to hurt the pair?
What's eating you?
During a cave exploring expedition, the beavers and stump find themselves trapped underground. Will hunger and instinct take its course, Dag looks awfully keen to sink his teeth into our wooden friend.
The Omega Beaver
A parody of 'the omega man'in which Dagget believes himself to be the last remaining beaver on earth, trying to survive against the dreaded howler leeches. Need more of a plot outline? Send more money, I'll send more stuff.
Bite This!
Norb is revealed to suffer the embaressing beaver condition of bedbiting, and to save his reputation, trys to overcome his problem.
Spooky Spoots
When Norb & Dag's dam is invaded by friendly ghosts life becomes a blast, until everyone's favourite scientists, #1 and Pete, show up to rid them of their new ghostly pals. But it won't be easy for them if our beaver pals have anything to do with it.
Up all night 2: Up All Day
After staying up all night back in the first series a conveniently placed time-space porta-potty 2000 returns them to their present time... only to find that they are overtired and now they can't get to sleep!
Muscular Beaver 3
Muscular beaver is back on patrol and this time, teamed up with his new sidekick, Treeflower, nothing can stop him from saving the world from the evil Baron Once-bad-then-good-now-bad-again Beaver.
Sang 'em High
When Dag realises he can't beat his brother, he turns to the lady of the la...ler... pond (from the bowling alley) who gives Dag the ability to swell up into a big blubbery beaver and sing, leaving Norb utterly speachless.
In search of Big Byoo-Tox
Big Byoo-Tox, an elusive hairy character thought to be a myth by all but Dag and those tabloid newspapers, finds himself in the beavers dam. Dag turns to him for advice on being sneaky.
Moronathon Man
Scientist #1 and Pete despose of experimental chemicals in the water of Beaver Pond, causing everyone to 'lose their smart'. Dag, of course, not having any smarts, is unaffected and becomes the smartest animal of the forest.
The Legend of Kid Friendly
Norb and Dag travel to the wild west to meet their hero, Kid friendly.
Silent but Deadly
Awaking from a peaceful nights sleep, the beaver brothers discover their dam crawling with sleeping Wolverines (you know what I mean!), how will they avoid these beaver eating killers when a single noise could be their end?
Tough Love
Bings girlfriend leaves him, and seeks the support of the beaver brothers, on their way to a wrestling match.
A Little Dad'll Do You
Dad drops by for a 'surprise visit'
Pass It On!
The gang are out camping and telling stories, each continuing from where the last left off adding their own special style to the story. Treeflowers anime touch is well worth seeing.
Stump's Family Reunion
Norb and Dag accompany Stump to his family reunion but Norb's ear infection could lead to a lot of trouble for everyone.
Muscular Beaver 4
Norbs friends are coming over for a party, he has his decorations, the food, the atmosphere... except... his embaressing brother is playing at Muscular Beaver again. How will he explain his brother to his friends without being a laughing stock?
Act Your Age
When an anceint tree falls on the dam, this snack from above takes the brothers back to their childhood. Literally.
Too Loose Latrine
Dag has a weakness for flushing things down the toilet, so its not long before it clogs up.
Pack Your Dags
Every few years a beaver will get 'the urge' for change, an urge to pack up and build themselves a new dam. It seems to be kicking in for Norb right about now.
Daggy Dearest
Dag wakes one morning after a severe stomach ache to find a baby in his arms. Has Dag given birth? He thinks so. A fresh baby boy who he names Gary.
Dag's List
Norb buys Dag a personal organiser to help with Dags poor memory, but unfortunate events that follow lead the animals of the forest to believe Dags 'list' is a horribly unlucky thing to be on.
Mistaken Identity
Norb and Dag swap places for a day.
Easy Peasy Rider
Dag joins a motorcycle gang and leaves his brother in the dust.
I am not an Animal ....I am Sciencetist 1
I havnt seen this episode, in Australia 'Stare and Stare Alike' was shown with 'Practical Jerks' from the next series.
Stare and Stare Alike
Norb and Dag find themselves engaged in a staring contest, the loser is forced to be the others slave, so neither dare lose. The problem is they've both entered a contest for the best prize in the world, to be announced any moment now. Is it worth it to look away?