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The Angry Beavers Episode Guide!

Series 1!

Born To Be Beavers
Kicked out of home to make room for a new litter of
beavers, Norbert & Daggett must build a dam of their own!
Up All Night
No parents = no rules, no rules = no bed time!!!
But can they stay up all night or will they fall asleep?
A Dam Too Far
The big happy & the little meany are two flooding rivers
that only beavers can dam up..... probably!
Long In The Teeth
Norb sets a new trend, growing your teeth long, and becomes
the most popular animal in the forest but can this trend last???
Gift Hoarse
Arbor day is here but when Norb gets the ultimate train set
and Dag get a cardboard air freshener. Dag soon gets jealous!
Go Beavers
The beavers are Norb & Dag's fave football team but they
haven't won a single match for ages. Can the beaver
brothers help the team win?
Boxtop Beavers
When Dag realises his brother is getting heaps better cereal
toys he gos on a quest for a street sweeper!
Salmon Sez
It's the annual salmon run upstream to spawn but the beaver's
dam is in the way. How will the salmon pass?
Beach Beavers A-Go-Go
When winter comes the beavers decide to fly south to a sunny
Deranged Ranger
When the park ranger quits Dag is elected as the new halfwit
park ranger but his power soon goes to his head.
Muscular Beaver
Dag changes his identity to Muscular beaver a comic superhero
with strange superpowers.
Fish And Dips
After Dag is attacked by Old gramps, a mythical sea creature
he decides to find his again to prove it to Norb.
Enter The Daggett
Dag has had enough of being scared so he learns martial arts.
Dag notices a warning on a bottle of Yahoo labelled 'keep
away from insects' he ignores it until he sees a massive bug....
Mission To The Big Hot Thingy
When Norb & Dag find out that no beavers have been to space
the sneak aboard a rocket and become the first beavers in space.
I Dare You
When Dares get out of hand the beavers are forced to do two
beaver dares, if they fail they'll have to wear the scarlet kick me
sign of oof.
Stinky Toe
When Norb gets the incurable disease 'Stinky toe' Dag must
find a cure for his poor brother.
House Broken
Dag can't take the beaver kind of life any longer so they both
decide to try the pet kind of life for a change.
Tree's Company
Norb gets fedup with Dag's constant annoyance and yells at
him, Dag realises how annoying he is and leaves.
Guess Who's Stumping To Dinner
When Norb befriends a stump named stump Dag soon gets
jealous and tries to get rid of him.
Fancy Prance
Norb goes after his lifelong dream, to become a Lipazzaner
After a water theme park sucks up the dams water the beavers
follow it.
The Bing That Wouldn't Leave
Dag meets Bing in the forest, a speedy chameleon, but he soon
becomes annoying!
You Promised
Norb promises Dag to be his slave for a day a year from now
expecting him to forget but he doesn't!
Bummer Of Love
When the awesome beaver pond rock festival comes to town
Norb meets Treeflower, a hippy beaver.
Food Of The Clods
Eating spicy food and watching monster movies don't mix as
Norb finds out!