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* Names: Norbert,Norb,Norbie
* Voiced by: Nick Bakay
* Name meaning: (Scandinavian) Brilliant hero
* Height: 2' 5" 1/4
* Colour: Yellow hair, Purple nose, Brown tail
* Fave color: Pink
* Fave saying: "Big hug!"
* Likes: Challenges, Confusing Dag
* Hates: His brothers stupidity, Being called a weasel, Dag taking credit forhis ideas
* Friends: Treeflower, Stump, Barry
* A.K.A: Baron Bad Beaver, A Puppy, A Weasel
* Most Often Seen: Manipulating his brother, Watching TV
* Right Handed
* Nick Bakay voices Salam, the cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


* Names:Daggett,Dag,Daggy
* Voiced by:Richard Horvitz
* Name meaning:(Scandinavian) Day of brightness
* Height: 2' 5"
* Colour: Browntail, Red nose, Grey tail
* Fave color:Light green
* Fave saying:"That was nuts!!!"
* Likes: Dressingup in costumes, Having fun, Prank phone calls
* Hates: Hisbrothers calmness, Getting tricked, Being the younger brother
* Friends: Bing,Rock ......
* A.K.A: Muscularbeaver, A puppy, A weasel, Ranger Dag
* M.O.S: Breakingstuff, Planning revenge on people
* Left Handed
* Richard Horvitz voices ZIM, from Nickelodeons Invader Zim.

Coming Soon: Other Characters (eg Treeflower, Bing, Barry, etc)