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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so I was feeling sorta guilty about not being able to reply to all these emails over the... years now... wow, where does the time go? And I decided it was time to write up a quick FAQ up, to stop the email from cluttering up, save you needing to email me and stuff... anyway... onto it, without further adu: Official FOAB FAQ!
Ok, so, the emails can be basically split up into 3 catagories I guess:

Looking for videos, dvds, tshirts, stuffed toys and/or merchandise
Sorry guys, merchandise is hard to find... i can tell you there are stuffed toys out there though, but as for the rest i really dont know

Looking for pics and/or sounds
Again, sorry, its a matter of what you see is what you get over here at the moment, i have a few things i wouldnt mind getting up but its really not as simple as it looks, try other sites, but ill try to get time to fix the whole thing up

TAB not on anymore... cancelled?
Like all of us, Ive noticed TAB hasnt been on at all latly over here, theres rumours that its cancelled but i really cant confirm it... if anyone can though, thatd be handy... but, in my opinion, Nickelodeon has been getting too slack and childish latly, spending too much time on spewing out the same old hash with Rugrats and Rocket Power (I mean, really, sheesh, blerk!) when it should be concentrating on the real winners here: TAB... and Invader ZIM of course! ZIM ALL THE WAY!... which also is apparently getting cancelled... wow... thats gotta suck, ZIM was so damn cool