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Invisi-Dag - Mondoguy & Snakyo Daggett is conned into buying a turban-like hat that supposedly turns you invisible. He goes home but finds out Norb can see him. Dag goes upstairs and sulks for ages and Norb begins to feel sorry for Dag. To make it up to Dag, Norb pretends that Dag is invisible. Dag does a bunch of stuff that he would of been too scaredy to do normally. After all kinds of adventures Dag returns home. Norb is watching TV and Dag notices his fave horror movie is on, 'Attack of the thing that did something', (A classic!) Dag asks Norb to flick the channel but Norb ignores him because he's invisible. After alot of buggin' Norb gives up and admits that Dag wasn't really invisible and that he was just pretending. Dag realises that that means all that stuff he did every one could see! (He looks out the window and sees everyone angry with the stuff Dag did to them or their stuff) In the next scene Dag has his leg in a cast and all beat up looking. He says "I'll never fall for anything that stupid again!" but then he sees the guy who sold him the hat selling 'mystical cape's of super strength' Norb turns to look at Dag but Dag is off buying the cape! Norb just groans!
September fools - Snakyo Norb tells Dag about 'September fools' (September 1st) a time of tricks and pranks! Dag does a bunch of pranks that backfire ending up getting him covered in goo or squirted with Yahoo ... etc
Vote Dag - Snakyo Norb has decided to run for the forest president but when Dag sees Norb is more popular since he decided running for forest president he decides to run for forest president himself. Dag makes bumper stickers & badges & other stuff. Dag is sure he has lost but some how he wins! After a while Dag gets bored and wants to quit but he can't. After another while Dag is told there was a mistake and a Daggett Feaver was actually ment to win (He's a weasel!)
School Daze - Snakyo Norb & Dag are going through boxes in a room when they find a box with their old school books in it. This triggers many flash backs about their school and their old friends!
Pinndagio - Snakyo When Dag becomes sick he asks Norb to read him a story. Norb chooses Pinnocio but Dag complains with every sentence and soon a story about a wooden boy named Pinnocio with a little cricket for a friend becomes a story about a wooden beaver named Pinndagio with a three headed dragon for a friend. Soon Dags idea of a good story is Norbs idea of a nightmare!
Daggett The Smart - Snakyo Norbert & Daggett enter the annual Smart guy comp. Dag find the questions hard but Norb finds the questions a breeze. Norb sees Dag is upset so changes the names on the sheets around. Dag is declaired Mr. Smart and Norb is the Mr. Dunce for getting every question wrong! Dag becomes really popular and Norb is teased. Norb gets jealous and admits to cheating so everything goes back to normal.
Pen Palz - Snakyo Norb gets a letter from his French pen pal and Dag gets jealous. Dag pretends he has a pen pal and sneaks out every morning to put a letter from his new pen pal. Soon Norb gets suspicious of Dags so-called pen pal and decides to write him a letter.
Beaverzilla - Snakyo When some weirdo monster movie maker like guy comes to the beavers pond and starts disrupting the beavers peace. They decide to see what the spoot hes doing around their pond. Then he decides to put them in his new movie: BEAVERZILLA! They both want to be Beaverzilla so they try to make each other look bad. The director has enough so finds Barry and makes his new movie: BARRYZILLA
Road Rules Beaver Style - Jody The brothers and 5 complete strangers get picked to live in a Van and do impossible missions to get their handsome reward.
Real World Beaver Style - Jody The brothers and Barry and 4 complete strangers get picked to live in a house in Atlanta and have their lives taped.
BEVER LAS-VEGAS - Dangar Norb wins a comp. on the back of a yahoo bottle(a trip to las vegas) they gather all their life savings and go. Dag goes absolutly psyco gambling everything,he obviously looses and the two are stuck without a dam,or anything- They see BARRY who's the owner of the casino now, he gets back their stuff, it then shows the two fanning barry with palm leaves before ending the episode.
I. M. Beaver! - Angry Beaver Dag and Norb are once again fighting among themselves, they are throwing verbal insults left and right. Red Male just happens along to see them in action, he is overjoyed! At last he has found the perfect actors for him new show, I. M. Beaver!, on the Nickolus cable channel. He explains to the boys that it is about this really smart Beaver called I. M. and this really dumb Badger called I. R. Badger who keeps sniffing his toe. Of course, they quickly accept the parts and go to Hollyforest to start filming. Norb expects to play I. M. but is horrified to learn that he will be playing I. R. Norb is insulted and threatens to walk off, but Red Male manages to talk him into staying explaining his character gets all the great dialogue. Norb decides to stay. Unfortunately, it isnt until later he learns that Great Dialogue means large words is dropped on him. Soon the show hits the airwaves and is a smashing success! The promo states it all. It is I. M. stating Only a Beaver and a Badger [Norb dressed in a suit] could possibly play these parts, nothing a Weasel or a Baboon could handle! Dag is flooded with fan mail and he has to beat back the groupies, especially the female ones. While everyone thinks the dumb act Norb does is really how he is. Norb becomes envious of Dag and sets forth to destroy him. He tries stuff like switching Dags script with Shakespeare (Dag can never get the large words right), convincing Dag to say his lies while facing away from the camera and such. He even tries to act cool and cut down Dag in front of the camera. But no matter what he does Dag always comes off looking great and Norb as a yutz. In desperation Norb confesses his jealousy to his brother, surprisingly Dag understands. He loves his brother so much he agrees to quit, along with Norb, and goes back to the dam. The problem is their contract is for 99 years and the only way they can get out of it is if the show is canceled. Dag and Norb set forth to sabotage the show, but like before everything backfires. The harder they try the more successful it becomes, they soon admit defeat. But when all looks hopeless. The Nickolus channel is sued by their rival, the Animation Network, because I. M. Beaver is a lot like one of their shows. To avoid being sued the show is canceled and the boys are free! They return to their dam. At the very end Treeflower pays a visit but when Norb meets her at the door she just walks past him and goes right up to Dag I loved you in I. M. Beaver. Want to go out? Of course Norb looses it.
Tree-house-flower - Brandon After Treeflower writes a cool disco song she becomes super popular. Dagget buides a Treeflower clubhouse right away. When Norb finds out Dag built it he becomes jeoles once again. Norb tries to enter the clubhouse but , he discovers he isnt allowed.
Fraudian Slip - Nature Nick Daggett and Norbert win a free week at wrestling camp, which is hosted by their hero El Grapadora. At camp they learn how to be true honest to goodness wrestlers, Grapadora shares with them the darkest and deepest secret of wrestling: It is all fake (no one gets hurt) Disillusioned, they do some research to find out exactly when wrestling went bad. To their utter horror they discover this happened in Roman times, a two eyed Cyclops led a campaign back then for Safer Wrestling. Remembering their trip back in time (Friends, Romans, Beavers) they realize it is the Cyclops they convinced to have a more positive affect on life. It is because of Norb and Dag that wrestling has become tainted! In order to punish themselves over this they take the jobs they hate the most and forces them to suffer. Dag becomes a beautician (so he has to be around females all the time) and Norb works at Radiohut and becomes a geeky uncool nerd (including with pocket protector) When all seems lost a time vortex opens up on the same street they work on. Seeing their chance they dive in and are sent back to ancient Roman where they must stop themselves from altering wrestling history. With great difficulty they achieve this and return to their normal time. To their relief they discover wrestling is no long fake The problem now is that the matches only last like three seconds because people get hurt now. Dag and Norb return to their jobs to torture themselves for the wrongful wrong they have caused.
Luck O' The Daggett - cp_modelnut In this episode, Friday the 13th is coming up and every year, it seems as if Daggett is always the one who gets the bad side of it. But when he finds a four-leaf clover that has a secret power within it and lets Norbert hold it, the process is reversed! The next day, Norb is getting hit by flying objects and all kinds of bad luck. Norb tries to go out himself and find one so he can reverse the spell, but when he does, he gets trampled by a stampede of wild bulls. Eventually, he then finds a rusty horseshoe. It would turn gold every 10 seconds. He went back to maybe reverse it. The day is almost over when he gets to the dam and lets Dag hold it. The clock turns midnight. They both go to bed being normal again. Then, Norb thinks. What will happen next Friday the 13th? The next morning, Norb heard a loud crash. The next thing he knew, they were both flattened. A huge boulder had landed on top of them. Had Norb given them both bad luck? Was it still Friday the 13th? They realize in the end they are now going to have bad luck for the rest of their lives.
Ape Ventura - Brattoni When Daggett eats a banana, a big no no for beavers, he goes ape (literally) and rampages the city gobbling down every banana he sees and grows bigger by the metre. Eventually once he has climbed up Yahoo Drinks Enterprises with a fake banana off the top of a store, Norb shoots a laxative into his mouth and he shrinks down, leaving a mountainous poop pile behind! When they get home Dag is hungry again and bogs into a carrot.
The Bing and I - Brattoni Daggett invites Bing over on a rainy day and together they start knitting Venetian style Ugg-boots. (<-Whatever) Norb keeps telling them it's a waste of time until they go onto the lawn and sell all of them, making big bucks. They continue doing this until and Arabian Sultan pays them mega zeros to start a company with him and make them. But once they are at their peak, a new product comes out and they are left with zilch. They return home rugged and broke to find Norb is the President of the Company making the new product!!
Wild Mousse Chase - Brattoni Norby and Daggy are shopping when Dag spots the last packet of Make-It-Yourself Chocolate Mousse. He dives for it as an old lady reaches out and ends up crashing into Norb and they tumble down the stairs into the street. Dag ends up squished saving the packet from a truck and it ends up flying all around the town with Norbert and Dag on it's heels.Eventually Dag gets and makes the MOusse...Only to slip on a banana peel and it flies into the toilet! All I can say after that is Dag ends up in the sewerage treatment place and thinks that it's all Chocolate Mousse!BBBLLLLEEEERRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!
The wood rush - Ninski Dag & Norb are watching the news when they hear a flash that if someone brings in something valuble made out of wood they will win $20,000,000. TAB look for anything made of wood and valuble... that's when they remember about Stump. But he's on vacation in Hawaii.
Laugh, Clone, Laugh! - Scientist #1 and Pete show up once again, and give Norbert and Dagget their new invention, the Clonerizer Capsule Thingy, so they can test it. Before you know it, there are two Norbs and two Dags, which means twice as much mayhem around the Beaver's lodge. Soon the beavers start cloning themselves repeatedly, and things keep getting weirder and weirder around the woods, as the clones plya tricks on the other animals. But the other animals steal the capsule and clone themselves, and just before the original Norb and Dag get the stuffing royally knocked out of them, Scientist #1 and Pete show up and laugh at everyone. Norb, Dag, and the other animals send their clones to go clobber Scientist #1 and Pete. THE END!
Safetey Beaver - Lee Bonner Norb gets fed up with Dag always getting into trouble, so he finds a safety video. After Dag watches the video, he becomes a safetey maniac, and does'nt even come out of bed sometimes. Finnally Norb tells Dag all the stuff on the video was'nt true and things go back to normal.
Daggy-Day! - The beavers argue about something (as usual) because Norb wanted some twig on the top of an old, tall tree. As usual, Dag climbs it.When he look down he gets scared and hugs a branch, Norb teases him. Dag gets mad and he put the twigs on his head so he can climb down. He slips and falls, doing flips, tumbles and lands on the ground with the twigs still balenced on his head. Berry, Bing, Stump, and Treeflower walk up to Dag an tell him that what he did was amazing. The all walk off carring Dag. Norb get jelous, and then he calls a meeting and tries to do the exact thing,he fails and they laugh at him. Then he puts a magnet on his head and the twig, he jumps, lands, they drop Dag and run to Norb. Dag walks up to Norb and congradulates him ,and slaps him on the back. The magnet falls off. They all beat Norb up and gets Dag back up and run away. Norb wake up to find banners hung up saying "HAPPY DAG DAY!" Norb is surprised to see this so he runs out side to see Dag munching on twigs. Norb noticed that those are his twigs! He walks up to Dag, yells, the Berry punches Norb. Norb desides to swim away, but he slips, falling in a trick flip. They all run to Norb pick him up, but see a weasel doing a better trick. They drop him and run to the weasel. Norb cries, Dag comforts him and says that every Dag day they will share the fame. Norb says that it should be called Daggy day. Dag doesn't get it, so Norby gives him a BIG hug!
Raiders of the Lost Stump - Robert Goehring Dag foolishly pulls a lever sticking out of the ground on a walk with Norb and Stump. The ground caves in and Dag and Norb go on a search to find Stump.
I gotta goooo! - Artemis The brothers,Berry,Bing,Treeflower and Truckie go on a road trip to some place far far away (thats what they called it) And they are sitting in Barrys car, sings and playing sames like I spy what Dag tells them " I gotta go potty". Barry pulls over at a forest and Dag walks inside. He then comes out and says " I couldn't go" They stop everywhere, Contruction sites, restruants, movie theartes etc... and eventally they think its hopeless when Dag tells them to pull over and he finally goes in a Gas station restroom. Barry asks anyone if they gotta go and they all say no. Everybody gets mad a Dag for getting them off course and Norb tells Dag about embarrassing them and all that junk while they were at the station. 5 minutes later Norbert says " I gotta go"
Judgement Dag - EvilBeaver By a freak accident, the judge of the forest, Clyde Coyote, is put in the hospital and he hires Dag to take over. Needless to say, Dag becomes extremely power hungry (like in Deranged Ranger) and Norb decides to become a lawyer and prove him wrong in a court case, making him look bad. Dag gets hurt in a fight with Norb and Barry becomes judge.
All My Best Friends Are Spootheads - If The Simpsons can have musical guest stars on their show, why not The Angry Beavers?! Our favorite beaver brothers get to "Ride The Lighting" with none other than Metallica (Yes, those jerks who sued Napster, but let's remember the good times, folks)! In this special full half-hour episode, Norb wins a radio contest and gets the grade prize: Two tickets to the sold-out Metallica show. Dag, obviously jealous, begs Norb to take him along. Norb agrees, but under one condition: Dag can't make a fool out've himself. But what happens when Dag accidentally meets the MetalliCats and destroys nearly all their guitars by way of an exploding soda machine? It's thrills, chills and spills as Heavy Metal meets Cartoon Chaos as music and mayhem team up to understand the true meaning of the term "metalhead" (and "spoothead").
Who Cut The Cheese? - The 2 go and look for cheese on the 'planet that looks like a big green thingy.' but when Norb finds tons and tons of cheese and becomes a millionair, Dag is envious and tries to sabotage Norbs cheese. in one such attempt, Dag dumps cement on the cheese and burys it. Norb finds it easily because it was buried under his house. at the end, the cheese turns stale and they must return to Earth.

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